AI and Libraries: A Discussion on the Future

Sunday, January 21, 2024
3:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Top row: Virginia Cononie, Nathan Flowers
Bottom row: Dray McFarlane, Juan Rubio
Far right: Rebecca Headrick, Moderator

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AI is everywhere in the news, and we know there are implications for libraries. But how can we cut through the noise and figure out what we really need to know? What developments are realistic and what is the likely impact on our work and our profession. In this group discussion, our content leaders will provide their perspectives on what’s happening now, what is likely to happen in the near future and what’s most important to our work. The panel discussion is open to everyone, regardless of your background or experience with AI. Whether you're a library professional, student, or simply curious about AI, we encourage you to come and learn from the experts!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand more about the fundamentals of the technology behind AI and current implications for the LIS field
  • Explore current conversations around copyright, intellectual property and information ethics as they relate to AI
  • Understand how current debates around AI are likely to transform in the coming years

Moderator and Panelists:

Rebecca Headrick, MBA, MOL (She/Her/Hers) - Chief Information Technology Officer -  American Library Association - Moderator
Rebecca Headrick joined ALA as Chief Information Technology Officer in late 2022. As a seasoned IT leader with over two decades of service in the association industry, she leverages her deep understanding of people, processes, and technology to orchestrate seamless collaborations, streamline workflows, and implement cutting-edge solutions that help organizations thrive. Rebecca holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Organizational Leadership from North Park University in Chicago, IL. She is Vice-Chair of the Association Forum Information Technology Special Interest Group in Chicago, IL, and an active American Society of Association Executives member.

Virginia Cononie - Associate Librarian; Coordinator of Research Services - USC Upstate Library
Virginia Cononie is the Coordinator of Research at the University of South Carolina - Upstate. Her published scholarship takes an interest in user experience design, scholarly communication, library funding advocacy, and marketing and outreach. At the library, she engages with students and library users at the research desk, instructs information literacy sessions and manages multiple collections.

Nathan Flowers - Systems Librarian - Francis Marion University
Nathan Flowers is the Systems Librarian at Francis Marion University. Nathan holds a MLIS from the University of South Carolina and is experienced in reference and instructional design, as well as library systems management. His experience in copyright and online publishing comes primarily from more than twenty years of web forum ownership and six months of AI content generation. More recently, he has become a local AI prompt generator for his colleagues’ international travel planning.

Dray McFarlane (He/Him/His) - Co-Founder - Tasio
Having nearly two decades providing associations with business and technology services, McFarlane has always been inspired by the people he worked with and their passion-driven support of each organization's mission. At Tasio, he combines the deep understanding he gained of associations with his expertise in technology to drive solutions leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence.

Juan Rubio (He/Him/His) - Digital Media Learning Program Manager - The Seattle Public Library
Juan Rubio is an expert in educational technology who designs learning experiences with a focus on participatory design within an equity framework. He has designed curricula for professionals in cultural institutions such as Tribeca Film Institute, New York Department of Education, Brooklyn Public Library, and Carnegie Hall. He has a Master’s degree in Media Studies from the New School University in New York City and studied film at Howard University School of Communications in Washington D.C. At present, he serves as the digital media and learning program manager at The Seattle Public Library.

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