A Partnership to a Better Climate.

Sustainability is a core value of librarianship. A commitment that holds "to be truly sustainable, an organization or community must embody practices that are environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable."

In support of ALA’s leadership on sustainability efforts, LibLearnX offers an opportunity to promote environmentally conscious policies focused on resource conservation and sustainable business practices.


LibLearnX demonstrates this commitment as we partner with attendees through the registration process.


How you can help.

Your donation helps to offset carbon emissions caused by the increased use of technology. Reduce your carbon footprint when you select any of the dollar amounts below when you register.

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Illustration of a smiling woman with a laptop sitting on books with plants and a sustainability icon in the background

    ALA's 2024 Carbon Offset Partner

    Native Energy - A Public Benefit Corporation - Image

    LibLearnX is fighting global warming with high-quality carbon offset in partnership with our preferred provider, Native, A Public Benefit Corporation, an organization dedicated to delivering investment solutions that create sustainable value for our clients and communities. This year we are supporting Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge.

    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey

    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey

    See Additional LibLearnX Sustainability Commitments from our Conference Partners


    The Baltimore Convention Center

    The Baltimore Convention Center is committed to building and implementing an innovative environmental management system that sustains the needs of our daily operations and also serves to educate and benefit our staff, industry partners and clientele on the importance of carbon footprint reduction. Learn more about their sustainability efforts.

    The City of Baltimore

    The Office of Sustainability is a resource, catalyst, and advocate for a sustainable and resilient Baltimore. The Office integrates the principles of environmental integrity, social equity, and economic prosperity into plans, practices, policies, and partnerships. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to our City’s challenges while engaging, educating, and motivating all sectors of Baltimore. Learn more about the Baltimore Office of Sustainability.

    GES (Event Signage and Decoration)

    GES promotes a higher level of social responsibility with green programs and initiatives both in-house and with their facility recycling partnerships at show sites. And they are considered an industry thought-leader in green events and exhibitions. Learn more about GES' implementation of several initiatives in their warehouses and with clients at venues around the world.

    See Commitments made by our Hotel Partners

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