A Partnership to a Better Climate

LibLearnX demonstrates this commitment as we partner with attendees through the registration process.

The American Library Association recognizes that personal travel to conferences is a large contributor to the carbon footprint of our gathering as well as your personal carbon footprint. ALA has a robust event sustainability program in place and best practices are already being used. Since 2020, ALA has committed to paying for a portion of our Carbon Offsets and encouraging conference attendees to help offset the rest through a donation at registration. There still remains a gap and there is more work to be done. 

Carbon offset purchases are an acknowledgment that there are limits to an individual’s ability to reduce energy use. To make up for the carbon emissions we cannot avoid, ALA uses a third party to take another action to reduce carbon emissions elsewhere.  We have once again partnered with Native, a public benefits company and certified B Corp. This year we are supporting The Crow Lake Wind Project.

In order to offset our carbon footprint at LLX in Baltimore, we need to offset travel and energy use around $20,000. ALA has budgeted $12,000; we ask you to help make up the difference.

At ALA Annual 2021, Council approved CD53 Resolution to Achieve Carbon Neutrality for ALA Conferences. The ALA Council Committee on Sustainability was charged with assisting and tracking progress toward this goal. 

Calculate your carbon footprint and please consider donating to help offset the carbon footprint of the conference.

$5          $10          $20         $30         $50

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Ways you can help.

Reducing our carbon footprint can be done in a myriad of ways.
During LibLearnX, we ask that you consider our Sustainability Pledge when you:

When registering:

  • Make a donation to Native Energy, an organization dedicated to helping build Native American farmer-owned and community-based projects.  This year, your donation will support The Crow Lake Wind Project. See below to find out how your donation helps.

  When On-site:

  • Use low-carbon transportation options. While onsite, ride public transportation (buses and trains), or rideshare with people you know.
  • Participate in your hotel's green initiatives (e.g., opt-out of daily linen changes, take advantage of paperless check-in/check-out options).
  • Download the ALA Mobile App to schedule events and sessions.
  • Bring your own reusable mug or water bottle, or you can purchase an ALA bottle at the ALA Store.
  • Turn in your conference badge at the end of the conference.

 When traveling to Baltimore:

  • Try to book direct routes when flying. Planes release the most carbon during takeoff and landing.
  • If you're local to Baltimore, take the opportunity to arrive via a relaxing train trip.
  • Fly economy. First and Business class takes up more space per seat, which means more fuel per passenger.
  • Pack light, as heavy luggage requires more fuel to carry.
  • Avoid food and water waste. Bring meals with you and refill your own water bottle.
  • Ask your hotel what they're doing to reduce their carbon footprint (i.e., LED lights, thermal insulation, less frequent laundering, etc.).

    ALA's 2024 Carbon Offset Partner

    Native Energy - A Public Benefit Corporation - Image

    LibLearnX is fighting global warming with high-quality carbon offset in partnership with our preferred provider, Native, A Public Benefit Corporation, an organization dedicated to delivering investment solutions that create sustainable value for our clients and communities. This year we are supporting The Crow Lake Wind Project.

    See Additional LibLearnX Sustainability Commitments from our Conference Partners

    The Baltimore Convention Center

    The Baltimore Convention Center is committed to building and implementing an innovative environmental management system that sustains the needs of our daily operations and also serves to educate and benefit our staff, industry partners and clientele on the importance of carbon footprint reduction. Learn more about their sustainability efforts.

    The City of Baltimore

    The Office of Sustainability is a resource, catalyst, and advocate for a sustainable and resilient Baltimore. The Office integrates the principles of environmental integrity, social equity, and economic prosperity into plans, practices, policies, and partnerships. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to our City’s challenges while engaging, educating, and motivating all sectors of Baltimore. Learn more about the Baltimore Office of Sustainability.

    GES (Event Signage and Decoration)

    GES promotes a higher level of social responsibility with green programs and initiatives both in-house and with their facility recycling partnerships at show sites. And they are considered an industry thought-leader in green events and exhibitions. Learn more about GES' implementation of several initiatives in their warehouses and with clients at venues around the world.

    See Commitments made by our Hotel Partners

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